Shedding New Light on Jewish Traditions

Meet Our School Faculty, Staff and Madrichim

Please allow us to introduce our talented, creative, warm and welcoming faculty:

  • Gan - Mackenzie Learn
  • Kitah Aleph/Bet (1st/2nd) - Esther Sitrin
  • Kitah Gimmel/Dalet (3rd/4th) - Ruth Melincoff
  • Kitah Hey (5th) - Ann Greenstein
  • Kitah Vav (6th) - Corri Gotttesman
  • Prosdor (7th/8th/9th) - Adam Kupersmith
  • Bonnie Ritterman (Resource Room/Hebrew Specialist)
  • Amy Spitofsky (Resource Room/ Assistant Hebrew Specialist)

Please allow us to introduce our amazing madrichim (Student Aides): 

  • David Jones
  • Sherri Learn
  • Rae Takiff
  • Yael Waxman
  • Sophia Steinberg - School Assistant 

Our school could not exist without our dedicated lay leaders. It takes a Village. Our Village includes the following people who make up our Education Steering Committee (ESC):

  • Ben Wachtel - ESC Co-Chair
  • Jennifer Lavenberg - ESC Co-Chair
  • Suzanne Caster
  • Meredith Harper
  • Amanda Jones
  • Eileen Kupersmith
  • Bernie Miller Hymowitz
  • Melissa Schiffman
  • Stephanie Zangwill

Thank you to all these wonderful people who join together to embody the Jewish value of L'dor V'dor and Educational Excellence at Or Hadash. 

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