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Associate Membership

Or Hadash is proud to offer an Associate Membership option to families who are primary members of other synagogues and would like to maintain a membership status with us. Associate Members may attend all regular Shabbat services and events at Or Hadash. If events have admission fees and those fees are differentiated for member and non-member, Associate Members may pay the member rate. Similarly, Associate Members may rent the building at the same rates as other members.

Major differences between Full Membership and Associate Membership include:

  • Associate Members need to purchase tickets to attend High Holidays services. l
  • Associate Members do not receive first priority for pastoral care from the Rabbi. Should an Associate Member family not receive pastoral care from their main synagogue, then they could contact Or Hadash and ask for availability, with deference going to a Full Member family if there is a conflict in dates.
  • Associate Members do not have voting rights and will not be allowed to assume Board-level leadership roles. They may still serve on committees.

Associate Membership is a great option for some families, including, but not limited to:

  • “Snow Birds”
  • Couples with adult children who have primary membership at their children’s synagogue but want to attend other services and events at Or Hadash
  • Families who might find it just out of range to attend Or Hadash more regularly but still want to be able to attend as much as possible while having a primary synagogue that is physically closer

If you are interested in applying for Associate Membership, you will need to fill out the following form on the Membership Forms page:

  • Associate Membership Application

For any questions regarding Associate Membership, please contact the VP Membership, Gillian Szymanski, at

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