Shedding New Light on Jewish Traditions


The Reconstructionist Rabbinical College

The Reconstructionist Rabbinical College is the training institution for the movement's Rabbis. Because Or Hadash began as a training ground for the College’s student rabbis, the congregation continues to extend honorary membership to all current RRC students. Or Hadash is a Jewish Reconstructionist Community In Associatiion with the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College

Reconstructing Judaism

The Reconstructionist Rabbinical College & Jewish Reconstructionist Communities have adopted a new name, as of the end of January 2018: Reconstructing Judaism. Reconstructing Judaism will be the central organization of the Reconstructionist movement that encompasses our rabbinical seminary, serves our congregations and fosters a Reconstructionist approach to Judaism in the wider world. The rabbinical seminary will become the College for Reconstructing Judaism.



Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia and the Kehillah of Bux-Mont

The Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia has been serving the Greater Philadelphia Jewish community for over 100 years. Federation focuses on Jewish education, human services, family, and economic needs, and provides support for Israel and for Jews at risk elsewhere in the world. It is uniquely integrated into both the local and global communities through an extensive committee structure and community partnerships. Because of the depth and breadth of Federation’s community presence--its volunteer leadership, professional staff, and organizational resources--its deep understanding of local and global Jewish communities’ issues is unsurpassed, enabling it to identify community priorities and the most viable means to impact them.

The Kehillah of Bux-Mont is an inter-congregational coalition of the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia, other Jewish agencies active in the region, and the nine Bux-Mont synagogues, with representation by rabbis and community volunteers who work collaboratively to create an inspired Jewish community, providing opportunities for volunteering, Jewish study and community activities.  Click here for a link to the Spring 2015 BuxMont Hopper Pass.  And see the attachment below for information on the Sandwich Generation Series.

Jewish Community Relations Council
The Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC), a non-profit community action organization based in Philadelphia, serves the needs of the Jewish community, both local and overseas, through community relations, government affairs, social action and advocacy. In pursuit of these goals, and consistent with Jewish teachings and ethics, it is dedicated to improving inter-group understanding and the enhancement of a just and pluralistic society.

Founded in 1985, MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger is a national, nonprofit agency, supported by nearly 900 synagogues nationwide, that allocates donations from the Jewish community to prevent and alleviate hunger among people of all faiths and backgrounds.
Each year, MAZON grants over $4 million to more than 300 carefully screened hunger-relief agencies, including emergency food providers, food banks, multi-service organizations and advocacy groups that seek long-term solutions to the problem of world hunger. MAZON (“food” in Hebrew) believes its dual purpose is to provide for those who are hungry today and to address the systemic causes of hunger and poverty, both domestically and globally.

J. Proud Jewish Philly LGBTQ Consortium

The mission of the J.Proud Jewish Philly LGBTQ Consortium is to work together as a collective agent of change to raise awareness, educate, and advocate for the diverse needs of the Jewish LGBTQ community while building relationships with allies in the Greater Philadelphia area.

J.Proud’s Consortium of members including Jewish organizations, synagogues, schools, and other institutions, are committed to building and nurturing a safety net of LGBTQ-inclusive programs and resources for Jewish LGBTQ individuals and communities.  J.Proud hosts events throughout the year in an effort to build community and provide spaces that support and celebrate being Jewish and LGBTQ. J.Proud is a program of the Jewish Family and Children's Service of Greater Philadelphia.


Interfaith Family ( formerly InterFaithways) offers a spectrum of programs and supportive services designed to address the unique issues and possibilities of interfaith living.

We are committed to welcoming interfaith couples and their families into the greater Jewish community, with the belief that positive interaction presents a growth opportunity for the Jewish community.  We advocate and provide support for institutional and attitudinal change in the Jewish community.  We initiate innovative and creative programs to provide opportunities for open dialogue among interfaith families and Jewish professionals. By providing training and consultation to rabbis, educators and other Jewish professionals, we open the door to community transformation.

Mitzvah Circle

Mitzvah Circle Foundation provides support to individuals and families during difficult times. Our approach is unique because we connect people in need directly with people who want to provide help. Person-to-person connections are made on a case by case basis so there is no bureaucracy, just results. These partnerships make a positive difference in the lives of real people every day of the year.