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Or Hadash Movie Night - An Israeli Movie

Please join us on Saturday, February 4th from 7:30-10:00 pm for a screening of the Israeli film Footnote (2011). Outwardly it is about the relationship of a father and son, both Talmud scholars at Hebrew University. As the reviewer Roger Ebert described it, " of the smartest and most merciless comedies to come along in a while. In its study of human nature it is deep and takes no prisoners." It is a fast moving script,  beautifully filmed and wonderfully acted. It is deeply intriguing and the kind of film that deserves and will give great pleasure at a second screening. Don't miss this opportunity to join your friends at Or Hadash for a wonderful movie, short post film discussion, the best popcorn and candy treats and with desserts and beverages after. RSVP to Manny Rosenberg, Adult Ed Chair at