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Minyan Hadash

Minyan Hadash: A great way to connect @ OH!

At this moment at which we are distancing ourselves physically. it is more important than ever that we create and embrace opportunities to connect socially with one another. It is with this kavannah (intention), that I am thrilled to invite each and every member of our community to MINYAN HADASH!

So, you ask, what then is Minyan Hadash? It's an online gathering, just for Or Hadash members. Each morning, we will gather for 45 minutes, from 8:15-9:00am. We will check in with one another and share our oys & joys, Rabbi Alanna will give a brief teaching. Or Hadash members take turns leading a brief (7-15 minute) activity or teaching. You can sign up here to bring an offering to the community. It could be yoga, tai chi or stretching, a favorite story, Jewish text, or Torah study, an art or creative writing prompt, a guided meditation... the sky is the limit!

In Jewish tradition, the word minyan refers to the quorum needed to fully enter into prayer, read Torah, and engage in other pivotal rituals. While it is possible to do many aspects of Jewish life as individuals, it is not until we have a minyan that we are plugged in to the larger social network of community and mutual support within which Judaism can flourish.

All OH members of every age and stage are welcome to join... and to contribute! I am very excited to all co-create this experience together.

Never used Zoom before? Instructions are in the attachment below. 

Please continue to check HaKesher for information on Minyan Hadash. The time, schedule, and link may change periodically, as we determine what works best, for building the OH community during this very unique time.

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