Shedding New Light on Jewish Traditions

About the Or Hadash Religious School

Or Hadash is proud to announce our NEW one day a week program called SMILE (Sunday Mornings Include Learning For Everyone).

This was in response to how difficult the mid-week after school program was for our families.  So we eliminated the mid-week school day and extended our Sunday school day to allow for both Hebrew and Judaic studies.  

At Or Hadash, children are encouraged to discover their personal relationships with Judaism as a civilization, study the Torah as an expression of God’s relationship with humankind, and connect with Jews throughout the world. We accomplish these goals by providing our students with opportunities to learn  through critical, creative thinking and an interactive approach. Art, music, theater and movement supplement our curriculum, encouraging students to take what they have learned and share it in whatever manner they choose. They have the opportunity to explore their feelings about their spirituality and to question continually, to ensure that what they are learning is relevant to their lives.

Each week, students participate in an age-appropriate service so that they become familiar with the Shabbat prayers. Each class participates in a Friday evening service during the school year.  In addition, because we believe that it is important to develop Hebrew literacy skills at a young age, students practice leading prayers during school wide services.