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Ramp It Up!

In the spirit of inclusivity, the new Or Hadash Inclusion Committee has purchased a portable ramp for the congregation. It will enable members of the community, and guests, to access our homes for shiva services and other events not held in the synagogue building. We believe that this is an important first "step" toward making Or Hadash as inclusive as we all want, and intend, it to be. It is also a statement indicating how important it is that all of us be able to participate fully in our community.

The ramp, which will be housed in the OH office, folds up to be carried and can enable a wheelchair to traverse one or two steps. Obviously, this will not enableeveryone's home to be wheelchair-accessible, but a ramp that size wouldn't be portable! We hope that transporting the new ramp will become part of the expected responsibility of helping to prepare a home for shiva, similar to bringing prayer books and kippot. The ramp needs to be there so that it will be ready to be used by anyone -- congregant, family member, or guest of the family -- who requires it. The person who uses a wheelchair or walker shouldn't have to ask or worry whether they will be able to access an event.

There are other areas where the Inclusion Committee will be working to make Or Hadash more inclusive to all. We hope you will let us know if you have ideas or want to work with us. We are already a welcoming and inclusive community, and we can do even better in the future.


Shelley Kapnek Rosenberg, Ed.D.

Chairperson of the Inclusion Committee