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There is no power at Or Hadash as of 6:00 pm on Monday, November 11. We will update the website as information is available. Please call 215-356-2030 if you have an emergency. Thank you!  

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Hunger Seder

March 26, 2015

  • Participate in an interactive learning seder
  • Hear speakers from Aid for Friends, the Jewish Relief Agency and Mitzvah Food Project and learn what they do
  • Sign up to help get food to those in need
  • Assemble meals for Aid for Friends

(Food assignments for making meals will be sent following RSVP)

Please bring cans of tuna or salmon or jars of peanut butter to support our commitment to ending hunger which is also our Passover SATO Chametz food drive.   

Open to adults and children 11 yrs and older

All welcome: Bring your family, friends & neighbors

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