Shedding New Light on Jewish Traditions

About the Or Hadash SMILE School

The SMILE* School is a one-day-a-week welcoming, stress-free, judgment-free space of Jewish experiential learning for all.  YES, that means less schlepping, less stress for you.

Students receive a quality education that includes:

  • Hebrew in a meaningful way that prepares learners to partake in Jewish ritual
  • Celebrating Jewish holidays and traditions in a modern and meaningful way
  • Torah as a living “how to” conversation
  • Jewish values and how to live them
  • Being Jewish in a mostly non Jewish world
  • How to be an involved member of a community

We create partnerships with other segments of the local community in order to live our Jewish values and share meaningful experiences.

Our teens come together with other local Jewish organizations to create a rich experience to explore and question their blossoming identities to come away with a solid, relevant foundation to be Jewish in a modern, diverse world.

We recognize that people come to Judaism through different paths and through our flexible approach, we strive to help families understand Judaism though they might not have been lifelong participants.

For more information, contact Barbara Wiseman at or 215-283-0276.

*SMILE = Sunday Mornings Include Learning for Everyone.

For more detailed information, visit School Curriculum.

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